About US


It all started when… I’ve pretty much been a candle hoarder since I could remember. It came to a peak in 2007 when I noticed I was spending what could be a small mortgage on candles ever other month. I decided I needed to learn how to make my own. I ordered a bunch of supplies and turned my kitchen into a craft lab. It really isn’t a simple process and it took a few months before I “perfected” my recipe. I started making larger batches and gifting to friends. Our friend owned the local general store here in Cazadero and she said I should start selling them there. I really got excited about the idea that I could be doing what I love and someone would pay me for them. Over the next week a friend and I sat on my back porch sipping wine, smelling scents and naming the first 9 candles in my line. I knew I wanted a country theme so I had names like Country kiss, Saddle Song and Canyon Mist. While I was googling inspiration for the line I came across a country slang word “Local Yokel”. I truly got a kick outta it. It was me. I was a Local Yokel! Living like Goldy Hawn in overboard. That is when The Local Yokel Candle co. was started. 
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